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due to roadwork traveling 83, southbound, 795 southbound no problems to report. megan. as to the charge of first- degree murder, verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant to the guilty so say we all orlando, orange county florida on the 5th day of july, 2011. >> emotions running very deep this morning after a jury found a florida woman casey anthony not guilty of killing her 2- year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. jury -- the jury did find her guilty of lying to investigators. the 35-day trial ended in the orlando courtroom and has a lot of us talking this morning. online, getting our coffee, you name it, everybody has something to say. abc2 news linda so is live with all new reaction. linda. >> reporter: well, it's the trial that gripped a lot of us. and when the verdict came down, a lot of people were surprised.
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court emotions outside the courtroom ran high. people were shouting and screaming that the jury got the verdict all wrong and angry that there's no justice for 2- year-old caylee anthony. her mother casey was acquitted of all the charges against her. the jury found her not guilty of murdering caylee and not guilty of child abuse or manslaughter. the jurors did convict her on four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. when the verdict was read, there was chaos outside the courtroom. >>i don't know if they were watching the same thing we were. it's just shocking. >> i don't think anybody here agrees with that. >> reporter: now casey anthony will be sentenced tomorrow. she faces up to a year in prisonon east counts of lying to police. some experts feel she could walk free. we have been live all morning at the royal farms talking to people going in and getting the
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could have yee. many saying they were surprised by the verdict of not guilty. you know, a lot of them found out on facebook about the verdict and chiming in they felt the jury did get it wrong. but, again, casey anthony found not guilty -- casey anthony found not guilty on the most serious -- guilty on the most serious charges against her. linda so, abc news. they found her niece not guilty in the case of her daughter let's hear what the aunt had to say. >> i am appalled and now i am angry and i say shame on this jury they are either not too bright or lazy. >> not too bright or lazy that's what many of you have been asking about on facebook and well into the night after the verdict was hand down. what was going on with the jury? many of you have been saying that and let's look at facebook responses. following the word casey
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anthony was not guilty of killing her 3-year-old daughter caylee one thing that came out was a national call to leave your porch lights on overnight and remember the life of casey anthony. that's what we have many photographs up this morning. but one person sarah says unbelievable. that's the response to the death or the not guilty verdict coming out here in florida court. many of you leaving your lights on taking photographs on facebook and many of you saying what did this jury see that we didn't? that's been the response many of you having. so, as we go back into the newsroom or the studio rather, megan, that's what a lot of people are talking about. but many talk about the porch light call across the country. >> absolutely. we want to show you some of the pictures. people started to turn their porch lights on last night and left them on overnight as a facebook fan page started. it's a call for all to leave their porch lights onto honor the life of caylee anthony. you can see pictures people
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sent of the porch light. this is video showing how case anthony's defense team celebrated after the verdict. they gathered near the courthouse and had drinks not long after the verdict was read. take a closer look and you can see them clapping and jumping up and down near the bar. the team ate at this restaurant nearly every day of the 35-day trial. abc news will be airing is special tonight on the casey anthony trial and it will air tonight from 10 p.m. until 11. one hour special. that special will replace the regularly scheduled night line prime time beyond belief. so a memphis man convicted of killing a man also in that city says he also killed a baltimore doctor back in 1998. dale martis confessed to killing the man dr. henry being aerman. dr. akerman was in memphis to buy a truck. a witness went to memphis police last month telling them to look at the doctor's disappearance. they wanted to know more about this so memphis contacted baltimore pd who have a huge file. they took the information to
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martis and he confessed to that killing. well, redistricting will be a big topic in annapolis. there will be a public meeting this afternoon at one. a panel will submit a plan for redistricting maryland's 8th congressional district. >> that committee will submit a plan to the governor on redistricting the legislative district for state lawmakers. that plan will be submitted to the general assembly in january. news time is 5:05. we deal with the snow. we do it in the winter. >> yeah. >> never in the summer. >> never. thank goodness. parts the southwest deal with a huge problem a different problem this summer. now look at that. the difficulty drivers are having getting around the dust. plus, firefighters have a difficult time fighting a grass fire. what officials say started the fire. we will let you know. you watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland."
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we come back a massive dust storm blowing through arizona. look at this video that came in overnight. >> this is the phoenix area. storms have strong winds that kicked up a lot of dirt. thunderstorms drown draft created the dust storm that swept across the city. so big problems out west. imagine how bad your eyes would sting. >> i couldn't imagine it. the allergies and everything. >> glad you are in baltimore. >> we want to know what the weather will be like. many of us lynette we want to go outside and enjoy the day after work. what is that? >> dust storm and humidity. i am not sure. but i told you this before, that's the name for the dust storm. it's called a hab -- haboob. and i didn't make that up. that's what i am here for the knowledge in my mind. maryland's most powerful radar not pick up on haboobs. as we go into the afternoon, we could be different. maybe showers and thunderstorms
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popping up. right now, temperatures coming in at 70 degrees into clarksville. arbutus at 73. bel air at 72 as well. and hour by hour forecast, we will get hot once again. very humid out there. and 92 degrees. and i want to say to marlow who is watching, she told me to say about the hornets out there, be careful because it's warm and they are coming out out of the ground. now over to tonya with your traffic. good information, huh? >> reporter: yes, i feel bad i don't have cool traffic words for you. i will have to come up with some. we are doing okay. no major problems. let's look at white marsh at pulaski highway. one car crossing the bridge. no problems indicated there at all. we do have an incident, though, up near to the very upper right of the map joppa road south of pulaski there's an accident overnight. a car with a pole leaning on top of it. that's still in the cleanup stages. megan. >> all right. thanks so much, tonya. moms and dads, your kids may collect baseball cards.
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some of you do the same when you were a kid i could see you doing that. >> i did until i was 13 and then the market became too saturated. it's about the education. you see there are civil war trading card that are being given to kids to help them learn about the historic battle. they collect the cards and present them to other battle locations to get a backpack as well. so another way to notify and educate the kid. >> that's a good idea. >> great idea. >> it was a shooting that shocked the nation and least congresswoman severely injured. >> yeah. after six months some of gabbey giffords' staffers are trying to return to a sense of normalcy. it's morn than cleanup in washing -- it's more than cleanup in washington. after some are trying to keep cool after losing power. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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now dayse stor in and aroun nation's capital but it will take weeks to get back to normal there. this is some of the new video of how bad the damage has become. some people ended up sleeping in their basements the past couple nights. they were trying to stay cool from the heat. it was a pretty big mess.
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>> that's a huge mess out there. and we have dodged the bullet for the past several days here. but today, we do have the slight risk in the southern maryland for the potential for severe weather. but for right now, temperatures on the warm side this morning. right around 72 degrees in baltimore. dulles coming in at 71. 65 not so bad in york, pennsylvania. temperature wise, check out this map, this is the dew point map and these dew points are up there. you stepping out the door and it's oppressive with the dew points in the upper 60s. 71 in dc. culpepper at around 706789 so the saddle height and ray -- 70. so the satellite and radar is not picking up on a lot right now. we have the focal point for showers and thunderstorms along the stationary front. the warm, moist air coming up ahead of it. here's severe outlook. you can see it for southern maryland and the slight risk the storm prediction center has us in damaging winds and hail will be the biggest threat if we see that this afternoon. we will keep you updateded on
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that information. looking at -- updated on that information. more of the same into thursday and friday. temperature wise, today, coming in right around 92. hot and humid once again. those showers and thunderstorms are possible even as we go into tonight with the temperature coming in right around 70 degrees. and by tomorrow, we are going to do it all over again with the temperature staying around 90. let's send it over to tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. penn line train 401 is 6 minutes late. all the other penn and camden line trains are on time. 895, no problems to report. very light traffic in both directions. the only accident that we have going on is in joppa. an accident with a car that hate pole joppa road south of pulaski highway. that is in the cleanup stage. other than that, -- stages. other than that 95 north and southbound is moving well. back to you. time for birthdays. and we start off with a belated
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birthday out to darren who celebrated yesterday. beautiful woman, a picture of her with being aan wedding attire. very happy birthday to you from july 5th. >> look at this video of the dame. fireworks showed up and turned into a fire in california on the 4th of july on monday. 10 minutes into the display, a couple trees went up in flames. there were several thousands of people watching and taking a look. it took 30 minutes for people to evacuate. less than an hour to put the fire out. that's pretty scary. >> so if you have an interesting photograph or video to send in, pets, anniversaries, birthdays. morning show at include all pertinent facts with the photo. news time is 5:18. new this morning, a high ranking staff member of representative gabrielle giffords is back at work.
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ron barber spent the past 6 months undergoing extensive physical therapy. he was diagnosed with post- traumatic stress disorder. he was shot several times and the shootings killed six people, injured 13 and that included barber and gabrielle giffords. a retired 9/11 firefighter is dealing with another tragedy after a fire damaged memorabilia from the world trade center attacks and damaged his home. he survived september 11th and he was one of the people to help others in need nearly ten years ago. he is trying to keep up hope but became emotional when talking about the latest tragedy in his life. >> try to look on the other side and say things happen for a reason. i wish someone would explain the reason. >> investigators have yet to find a reason behind the fire this morning. the destroyed -- -- this day in history, july
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6th, 1957, althea gibson claims the women's single title at wimbledon to become the first african american to win at london's club. again althea gibson this day in history in 1957. investigators looking into widespread cheating at the atlanta schools. >> now education officials say they are going to say who is to blame for falsifying the test results. might be homeless pretty soon. >> economist say the recession ended two years ago. why some kids say they are not sure that statement is true. you are watching, "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99.
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only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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news time 5:23. thanks for joining. widespread shat cheating has been found in the atlanta public school system. dozens of prlslanta public school educators caught
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cheating onstandardized test. scores were used to measure how well the schools were doing. the false if ication ahead the schools appear to be doing better than they were. 44 of the 56 schools examinedwere found cheating. california law makers approved a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the condry biewtion -- contribution of gays and lesbians in curriculum prohibiting material adversely on gayer. most economist would say the economy is a mess. and get this, most kids would agree. many high school students report knowing when rent or mortgage payments are due each month. it's so bad that some students that are sleeping on the couch because their parents can't afford a bigger apartment or a bed. two years ago abc news spoke with students and followed up with them last week. listen to the responses. >> can't imagine what's going
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to happen for our generation. >> we might be homeless pretty soon. >> do you know what gas prices are? >> right now? it's 3.81? >> you know how much it cost? >> most kids say it was two years things were bad and now they are reporting about the same right now. so, kids do pay attention and some say things are not better at all. 5:25. the big holiday weekend was anything but -- in the state of minnesota. you may not be too far from some of the cleanest beaches around the area. we will tell you where it's safe to take a dip in the water. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. but first up to new york and get a look at tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, a presidential town hall on twitter. mr. obama is again answering questions from ordinary citizens. but this time the questions are coming in via twitter.
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the subject is the economy and jobs. it will be his third social media town hall this year. today is the last day for new verizon wireless customers to get unlimited data plans for their smart phones. starting thursday, viceon willswitch to useage based plans similar to at&t and t- mobile has. current customers will not anm service to latin era ter this year of the right ai twtri. the u.s. and canada. and the expansion to 43 more condition tries had been expected but few analyst thought the expansion would be quite this big. those are your tech bites, i am daniel sie heberg.
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now "good morning maryland." i hope that this is aless ob to -- lesson to those of you that have media assassination for three years. >> shot at the media but she may walk free overnight. you weighed in on the casey anthony verdict. >> it looked like police but police they are not. see three men they are wanted for breaking into homes clapping to be -- claiming to be officers. now mullet tell cases since -- multiple cases in june. he is accused of kidnapping a 8-year-old boy. what neighbors are saying about the suspect. those stories are just ahead. it's wednesday morning, july 6th. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of your midweek forecast and say good morning to the bright and shiny lynette charles. >> good morning. it's looking like a sticky day outside. and it's going to be very hot once again. so, the headlines here we go again continued hot and humid. temperatures in the 90s and we have the code orange in effect
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for today and we have showers and storms possible as we go throughout the afternoon. but maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a whole lot as of now. a shower rolling into the south of winchester and off towards the west of washington. but all in all, things are dry this morning. and as we go into the afternoon that's going to change. the temperature right now into perry hall middle school coming in at 70 degrees. humidity 92%. you don't have to look at that and you can stick your toe out the door and feel the hugh implied -- humidity out there. we will feel it. churchville more of the same around 7 3. humidity at 92%. the dew point the measure of the moisture in the air coming in at 70. so we are feeling oppressive this morning. here's the air quality alert code orange once again. the only places that are relieved of this is basically the eastern shore as we go throughout the day. but once again, if you have asthma or lung disease, limit your outdoor activities. let's go over to tonya. good morning. >> reporter: traffic is doing
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okay. we are doing fine 97 northbound out of crofton no problems to report. the sun is coming up. more people are getting out on the road. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side, 695 at wilkins. no problems to report in either direction. that is the outer loop with the heavier trc
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